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Solbox is the first company to provide a single platform that integrates the valuable CDN solutions with the cloud computing environment, designed specifically to meet the needs of telecommunication operators. Solbox platform has been deployed for large-scale internet services for more than 7 years since 2006.

Solbox是第一家提供一个集成了宝贵的CDN解决方案与云计算环境,专为满足电信运营商的需求单一平台。 Solbox平台已经部署了大规模的互联网服务超过7年自2006年以来。

The solutions and technologies of Solbox provides the operators with a total solution of digital media contents delivery including web acceleration, download, and streaming with large-scale cloud server and storage infrastructure.


With these solutions, operators can deploy an advanced digital media delivery platform that utilizes their existing infrastructure and assets. Once installed, operators are fully equipped to launch new revenue-generating premium-content services to their customers, while also achieving highly differentiated delivery performance levels.


More than 300 customers through operators use our massively scalable services to better engage audiences, optimize education, manage and monetize digital assets and build stronger customer relationships. The solutions enable clients to maximize return on investment, better serve their customers, create new business opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the market.


With continued effort, Solbox recently accomplished the outstanding feat of winning the 2011 Red Herring Global Top 100. Solbox is today poised for exponential growth, with a world class team in place and a world class technology. Solbox are eager to empower our clients and strategic partners for the next generation digital media delivery market.

随着持续的努力,Solbox最近完成赢得2011红鲱鱼全球100强的优秀壮举。Solbox是当今蓄势指数增长,与世界一流的团队到位和世界一流的技术。 Solbox都渴望使我们的客户和战略合作伙伴,为下一代数字媒体交付市场。