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Shenzhen Launch Digital Technology Co., ltd. is a rapidly growing backed integrated high-tech manufacturer with a strong experienced design team to assist you all aspects of digital video, network video communication, video audio codec, image processing and embedded OS. Launch boasts a broad product offering that includes IP Camera and Network Video Server, Encoder, Decoder with self-developed Management Software,which is widely used in government networks, financing, energy resource and trafic management, as well as city surveillance and other fields.


Our goal is to provide you with a competitive advantage in your market. Launch is committed to delivering the highest quality through experience, certification, tools and methods. We are currently ISO9001:2000, UL, CNAB, CE, FCC certified and conform to RoHS standards. We significantly reduce the cost of existing products by using equivalent manufacturing techniques, eastern low cost labor, cost-effective supply chain techniques and lean manufacturing methods.


Continuously high on talent oriented, Launch has 100 strong experienced engineers and customer service team in network surveillance field as well as tight connection with many famous research institutes, which help to keep its technical advantage in this field.


We are clear that quality & service is the top first. Come production time, we inspect all items at every stage and then put them 24-hour trial run prior to shipment to make sure they perform well. The high quality and good service have been fully acknowledged by wide spread customers in fields of government, financial, energy source, and traffic, city surveillance, education, industry, video meeting, video door phone, intelligent surveillance, home security, etc.


Improving the quality continuously and innovating forever, Launch will incessantly offer noteworthy high quality products and professional service with the deep technical accumulation, reasonable human resource and farsighted strategy.